Mommy Makeover

The ideal procedure for restoring confidence in one’s image postpartum.
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Regain your pre-pregnancy figure with a combination procedure that address both the body and breasts.


Motherhood is one of life’s greatest joys, bringing delight, pride and profound emotional fulfillment. But being a mom is also hard work, and it can take a steep toll on a woman’s body. Despite the implementation of a rigorous diet and exercise plan, some moms are still dissatisfied with the way that pregnancy and breastfeeding has affected their appearances, and find it is time to seek out a cosmetic solution.

The affectionately named “Mommy Makeover” is the ideal procedure for restoring confidence in one’s image postpartum. Through a combination of cutting edge techniques, the chest, hips, belly, legs and buttocks can be revitalized, eliminating excess fat, toning and firming loose skin, and improving the overall shape of the breasts.

What will my recovery be like?

By combining several effective procedures into a single experience, Dr. Capizzi can offer moms fewer incisions, less scarring and a faster recovery time. This efficiency is one of the top reasons why so many find Dr. Capizzi’s procedure to be among the best.

Thanks to Dr. Capizzi’s strategic skill set, Mommy Makeover clients can expect a speedy, comfortable recovery with a return to most activities after one week. Yoga and gentle movements are encouraged for 4-7 days, after which moms can gradually return to working and other more strenuous actions.

Why Dr. Capizzi?

Dr. Capizzi, a double board-certified surgeon expertly trained at the renowned Mayo Clinic, has been helping moms to look and feel wonderful for almost 20 years. Known as one of the best Mommy Makeover physicians, this life-enhancing procedure has become one of the doctor’s most popular gluteal enhancement and surgeries and a staple of his practice.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Capizzi will customize your Mommy Makeover to your unique needs and specifications, carefully reviewing your photos, your medical and pregnancy history, and taking your measurements. Along with his attentive, compassionate staff, he will ensure the beautiful, holistic results you’ve dreamt about but weren’t sure were possible.

There’s More

What does the Mommy Makeover Include?

Breast Augmentation

Increase your breast volume and enhance the overall breast appearance

Brazilian Butt Lift

Add volume, and change the shape and size of your backside, naturally.

Breast Lift

Create smoother, and more youthful looking breasts to restore your shapely lifted look.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate the most intimate area of your body at Capizzi, M.D.

Drainless Tummy Tuck

Strengthen your abdominal look and get a more toned stomach with the team at Capizzi M.D.


Achieve optimal wellness and recovery with Dr. Capizzi.


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