A Look Back at 2017

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Happy New Year, everyone! In 2017 as in every year, my team and I at Capizzi MD provided our patients with the latest and greatest in procedures and treatments – to help them realize their vision of their best selves. For this first post of the New Year, here’s a look back at my top picks – those with stand-out patient popularity – for surgical and non-surgical procedures for 2017.

2017 Top Surgical Procedures:

Breast implant exchanges

Breast implants continue to evolve at an exciting rate and many women with saline, “round” implants decide to “upgrade” to silicone options, such as the “Gummy Bear” form-stable, tear-shaped implants, now increasingly considered to provide the greatest longevity in holding their shape.

Buttock augmentation via fat grafting

Fat grafting for gluteal enhancement (AKA the “Brazilian Butt Lift”) is my preferred method because it can be specifically directed to the areas devoid of fullness. Fat can be harvested safely and readily from areas of an overabundance and placed through the very same incision in another area superficially, safely, and directly.

Drainless tummy tuck

I am proud to offer TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive to help transform your tummy tuck into a less invasive, more comfortable experience by freeing you from the burden of drains, getting you back to your daily routine ASAP.

2017 Non-surgical Procedures


This unique radiofrequency treatment meets the growing demand of non-surgical tightening of the face and neck, arms, knees, and abdomen. Profound addresses loose or sagging skin brought on by aging, with a 100% response rate! And, 2017 showed us just how effective Profound could be in minimizing cellulite.

Laser Peels

Laser peels offer our patients younger, fresher skin with improved texture and a reduction in discoloration. We’ve seen patients who believed their scarring, irregularity or discoloration was untreatable put their trust in our technology and most importantly, in our extensive training and proven technique, with incredible results.


An FDA-approved injectable developed to target the submental fat that results in “double chins,” Kybella a safe, nonsurgical alternative to more invasive procedures such as liposuction or neck lifts. The upper neck area below the jaw can be especially resistant to dieting and exercise, yet this simple cosmetic procedure can reverse unsightly fat deposits within a matter of weeks. Particularly popular among our male patients, Kybella is often paired with Profound for a complete, non-surgical neck lift.

Of course, that’s not all that 2017 had to offer – we also introduced Charlotte’s first Botox Bar™! Offered on an ongoing basis (and accompanied on special occasions by our Lip Lab™) for our “on the go” patients has definitely proven one of Capizzi MD’s most popular services.

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