Breast Augmentations: Where to Start and What to Look For

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Google is an effective tool for locating facts about a plastic surgeon, however, it’s likely to discover an overwhelming quantity of information about plastic surgery procedures. At Capizzi MD, we are not only here to help you sort through the massive quantities of information, but also to simplify and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What you will find online:


Misleading information

We frequently hear that the majority of our patients find us using the online path. When we google breast augmentations, 20 pages of information pop up for just that procedure, and several frequently posted advertisements will come with that search. We often tell our patients that those advertisements may be misleading and not include all their fees or the surgeon may not be Board Certified. The other 20 pages of their google search may only generate misinformed information.

We can assist you with your hunt for the ideal surgeon without having to browse 100’s of websites!

Where to start:


Find a Doctor that is Board Certified!

This is vital to the outcome of your procedure. Lately, there have been numerous cases of adverse and negative incidents after procedures performed by under-certified physicians. Many of those surgeons have not attended a plastic surgery residency, and have not been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Making sure your doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery can be a reassurance that the surgeon is skilled and well trained.

At Capizzi MD, Dr. Capizzi is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Not only is he professional, but he is very honest with his patients during a consultation and will never suggest an operation for a patient unless he considers that it is a perfect match for the person and their medical care history.

What to look for:


Check the Doctors credentials

After a Doctor Graduates from University, they have to attend a Residency that requires several hours of on the job coaching. It’s also crucial for the Doctor to be involved in studies and become a board member on subjects that pertain to their specialties. If you meet a Doctor that hasn’t been involved on a board or finished any special studies, that might be a red flag. This training is an essential part of becoming a well-rounded physician.

At Capizzi MD, Dr. Capizzi stays involved with the community and takes part in studies on a regular basis. Click here to find his CV.


Dr. Capizzi is well known in Charlotte for his Breast Augmentation procedures, and was selected by Charlotte Magazine as “Best of Plastic Surgery in Charlotte” 5 years running! Dr. Capizzi was also selected by readers of the South Charlotte Lifestyle Magazine as the “Reader’s Choice” for the 2018 year.

Dr. Capizzi has placed over 7000 implants, 2500 gummy bear implants, and was the first Doctor in NC to use 5th Generation implants in his practice. He is the most experienced Gummy Bear Implant surgeon in North Carolina!


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