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With hundreds of different weight loss solutions, the question many ask throughout their weight loss journey is how can I know that this will work for me? The biggest problem with many of the weight loss solutions available, is that they’re not tailored to an individual’s needs, but are made to be “one size fits all”. This kind of diet doesn’t take into consideration other factors which could be contributing to the continuous battle of trying to eliminate the weight and keep it off.

At Capizzi MD, we want to help you look and feel your very best. As part of our dedication to your well-being, we’ve developed a health and wellness plan that we tailor to your specific needs. The health plan will include your initial consultation, individual diet plan, and evaluation for any medications or procedures that may assist in your weight loss goals.

What Happens During a Consultation?

Throughout the consultation, your weight loss objectives and body composition measurements will be evaluated, and we’ll review your daily diet program for the upcoming few weeks in addition to any supplemental drugs (HCG and/ or Phentermine). It’s imperative that you devote to the health plan created for you to attain the best outcomes.

What Exactly Does the Diet Include?

Normally, the diet is made up of program of low carb lean meats, vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Most often we request that you keep your current exercise regime. Biometric testing along with a discussion of goals is done to help indicate the body’s make up of water, muscle, and fat composition. Our Nurse Practitioner will then tailor your weight loss plan to fit your specific aesthetic and medical needs. Together with the diet, our N.P. may suggest using ancillary items like HCG injections or Phentermine. The therapy program generally lasts 1-3 weeks with a weight loss of around 100 pounds.

What is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a protein hormone found in our pituitary glands that triggers the body’s metabolism to burn fat deposits. Patients can now inject the hormone to accelerate the fat loss mechanism, releasing any unwanted pounds. If combined with a healthy diet and good exercise, HCG injections can help keep the weight off permanently, as your hunger is suppressed, and the body’s natural metabolism is reset. Our Nurse Practitioner may also suggest Phentermine or Vitamin B12.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The amount of weight you will shed depends upon during your first consultation. We’ll be supporting you 100% of the way, but it will be up to the individual to achieve their weight loss goal. We have the tools you need, and will work with you to get you feeling your absolute best, and get you happy about your weight!

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