Pre Op Bags

Preoperative Bags at Capizzi MD Include:

Pre-surgical Soap

Patients are required to wash their body with a pre-surgical soap called Chlorhexidine the night before surgery, as well as the morning of their procedure. Chlorhexidine is a powerful disinfectant that is used just like a normal shower gel, and helps cleanse the skin of germs before the patient’s procedure. This is an important step in helping prevent surgical site infections.


BioCorneum is a silicone scar treatment that helps to minimize the appearance of scars. bioCorneum helps to hydrate the scarred tissue and has been known to soften, smooth, and reduce discoloration of the scarred areas.

Post-surgical Bra

We will provide you with a coobie bra. The coobie bra has no underwire and can help the patient feel comfortable during the healing process! The ladies at Capizzi MD love them so much that we often wear them instead of a regular bra!

$350 In Coupons

These can be used on future services at CapizziMD!

Skincare Sample

We will tailor the samples to you and your skin care needs!

Arnika Forte

Arnika Forte are capsules that can be taken orally 1-2 days prior to procedures and have been shown to help speed the healing time by up to 50% which allows for a faster recovery from post-surgical bruising, swelling, and pain.

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